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Upfront > The Office Politics of the Work Lunch Dear DW, I prefer to eat lunch at my desk or step out for a quick walk. But my co-workers go out together for lunch at least three days a week. Am I rude for not joining them? Signed, Microwave Queen Dear Queen, You're not being rude, but your co-workers may well perceive you that way. And that you've raised the question suggests that you feel uncomfortable with the situation. A bit of compromise may be in order. "Although lunch can be an important time for personal restoration through time alone or taking a walk, it's also vital to have good relationships with co-workers," says career counselor Toni Littlestone of WorkVision in Albany, be friendly, learn more about each person in the group, keep up with the fow of informal connection, and—more important—hear about what's going on behind the scenes at work. After all, a lot gets talked about at those lunches! If you're worried about getting drawn into ofce gossip, you might think ahead about how to respond if the conversation takes a turn you're not comfortable with. Sometimes a shake of the head and a simple "I'm not going there!" are all California. "A person who is never with the group at lunch misses out on informal bonding and can come across as aloof and standofsh." Why not split the diference and join the group once a week or so? Tis way, you can you need. In addition to joining your co-workers to eat out, you might consider asking some of them to come along on your lunchtime walks. You'll get points for being friendly and still get a bit of exercise. Women's Health O ver the past decade or so, women's health has shown notable improvements in some areas—and suffered big setbacks in others. Researchers have identified six major highlights and lowlights for the period between 2000 and 2010. How well are you taking care of yourself? 2000 2010 Smoke 20.8% 16.8% Get regular colorectal cancer screening 37.7% 61.8% Die from heart disease 148.1/100,000* 118.9/100,000 ** Have been diagnosed with diabetes 5% 8% Have been diagnosed with high blood pressure 23.6% 27.7% Are obese 19.8% 26.4% Women who: Highlights Setbacks THINKSTOCKPHOTOS Versus * Based on average data from 2002 to 2004. ** Based on average data from 2004 to 2006. di ve rs i tywoma n.com Fa ll 2 0 1 3 DI V E RSI T Y W O MAN 15

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