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d i v e r s i t y w o m a n . c o m S u m m e r 2 0 1 6 D I V E R S I T Y W O M A N 41 Join the Club Many kinds of group classes are available. Here are some of the most popular, from high intensity to low intensity. CrossFit w h at i t i s : High-intensity workout done at a no-frills gym, where you keep track of your rep count and weight load for every exercise with the goal of gradually increasing. p r o s : Boredom is combatted with a new workout of the day, or WOD, displayed on a whiteboard for all to see. c o n s : No breaks between moves, so take an intro class before diving in. Pilates w h at i t i s : Pilates mat classes focus on core strength by promot- ing proper alignment, strength, balance, and fexibility. p r o s : Helps strengthen abdominal muscles and also improve posture and reduce stress on the back and neck. c o n s : Exercises need to be done very precisely for maximum results; it's not a class to zone out in. The Bar Method w h at i t i s : Workout that includes a mat-based warm-up, strengthening and stretching work at a barre, and core work on the mat. p r o s : Focus on iso- metric movements can improve posture, lengthen and strengthen muscles, and boost core strength. c o n s : Moves might seem unusual; allow your body to adapt to the exer- cises over a few classes. BOSU what it is: Balance, fexibility, and conditioning workout done on a BOSU, an infated rubber dome with a rigid fat back. p r o s : The unstable BOSU sur- face forces you to maintain your center of gravity, which makes the exercises more effective— especially for your core. c o n s : Class could focus on aerobic or strength training, so know your goals and choose a class accordingly. Yoga w h at i t i s : Set of postures linked together with the breath. p r o s : Total body-mind exercise that is a great way to get in touch with your breath and feel calm and centered. c o n s : Dozens of yoga styles, with names like hatha fow, vinyasa yoga, and core yoga, can vary dramatically. Carefully read the class description or call ahead. Zumba w h at i t i s : Sweat-inducing, dance-based workout that combines low-intensity and high-intensity moves. p r o s : Routine inspired by Latin and world music is fun and relatively easy to follow. c o n s : Class is expected to move together; watch out for people who aren't following along to avoid a crash. Kickboxing w h at i t i s : Com- bination of cardio, boxing, and martial arts. p r o s : Total body workout includes punches and kicks aimed at improving strength, aerobic ft- ness, speed, fexibility, coordination, and balance. c o n s : Steer clear of kickboxing if you suf- fer from back or joint problems. Spinning w h at i t i s : Vigorous workout on a stationary bicycle, led by an instructor and usually accompanied by music. p r o s : Great cardio workout, especially for people with joint issues who don't want to run or do other high-impact activities. c o n s : Keeping your body in a fexed position for the whole class can take a toll on hip fexors, leading to lower back and hip tightness. Make sure to stretch afterward. Boot Camp w h at i t i s : Modeled after military-style training, these high-intensity classes build strength and endurance through calisthenics and body weight exercises. p r o s : Can be done anywhere with no equipment. c o n s : High intensity means that beginners should set their own pace. DW Life > Hip-Hop w h at i t i s : High-energy class set to hip-hop music. p r o s : Great workout that is extremely fun and very social. c o n s : Can be daunting at frst to anyone intimidated by a dance foor and choreography.

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