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d i v e r s i t y w o m a n . c o m Fa l l 2 0 1 4 D I V E R S I T Y W O M A N 11 T his issue of Diversity Woman is intended to be a game changer. Why is this issue diferent from the last dozen or so? It's because the world—in particu- lar, the world we focus on, that of business leadership and executive develop- ment—is transforming, and fast. We recognize that in order to best serve our audi- ence, Diversity Woman needs not only to be adapting, but also writing the playbook. The Future Is Now So what's changing and how do we stay on the treadmill? For starters, look at two current trends that are driving these trans- formations: the explosion of the global marketplace and the ubiquitousness of technology. As leaders, we must take per- sonal responsibility for accepting and, more important, impacting those changes so we don't get left behind and so we can train and develop the leaders of tomorrow who will discover new ways of making busi- nesses more productive, proftable, and inclusive. Two articles in this issue deftly under- score the signifcant mutations that have afected the thinking around leadership and diversity and inclusion over the last fve years. Nowadays, U.S. companies aren't fo- cusing merely on leadership. Tey are tout- ing transformational leadership. Along the same lines, the C-suite is being reshaped. Tis sea change challenges long-held expec- tations and, in the process, transforms in- dividuals, their roles, their companies, and even entire sectors. For example, one of the feature stories in this issue, "(re) Tinking Diversity" (page 46), lays out this new model of thinking. Te story, by Maria Ebrahimji and Kim- berly Olson, profles eight diversity mav- ericks who are redefning how we consider, approach, and live diversity. See how these game changers are remaking our feld. One of the new "rethinkings" is the move- ment to change the focus within diversity and inclusion from winning awards to af- fecting real change (transformation). A story by Tamara E. Holmes (page 35) poses a pro- vocative question: Are diversity awards a help or a hindrance to true D&I success? In answering the question, she looks at how we need to examine D&I through a lens of efectiveness. And who better to be the face of trans- formational leadership and diversity than our cover subject, the magnifcent Sunny Hostin. Tis CNN legal analyst is a 21st- century model for driving change. Born to a Puerto Rican mother and an African Amer- ican father in challenging circumstances in the South Bronx, she has become one of America's most respected and engaging legal authorities, working frst as a federal prosecutor and now as a media analyst. You can read her inspirational story on page 42. Over the last 10 years, D&I practitioners have become adept at helping the corporate world understand what diversity is, who it is, and why diversity and inclusion are im- portant. Now it's time to take the next step by marrying these initiatives with transfor- mational leadership. We need to be stead- fast and daring, fghting every day to trans- form companies and how we work. Remember, the future is now. Sheila Robinson Publisher, Diversity Woman Publisher's Page > The C-suite is being reshaped. This sea change challenges long-held expectations.

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